jMusic: Music Composition in Java
created by Andrew Sorensen and Andrew Brown


jMusic is a project designed to provide composers and software developers with a library of compositional and audio processing tools. It provides a solid framework for computer-assisted composition in Java™, and is also used for generative music, instrument building, interactive performance, and music analysis. 

jMusic supports musicians with its familiar music data structure based upon note/sound events, and provides methods for organising, manipulating and analysing that musical data. jMusic scores can be rendered as MIDI or audio files for storage and later processing or playback in real-time. jMusic can read and write MIDI files, audio files, XML files, and its own .jm files; there is real-time support for JavaSound, QuickTime and MIDIShare. 

jMusic is designed to be extendible, encouraging you to build upon its functionality by programming in Java to create your own musical compositions, tools, and instruments. In a spirit of mutual collaboration, jMusic is provided free and is an open source project. jMusic is 100% Java and works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD, Solaris, or any other platform with Java support.


jMusic Books

The book "Making Music with Java" by jMusic co-creator Andrew R. Brown, includes 300 pages of jMusic examples with explanations of all musical and programming concepts.

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Use jMusic with Python. Making Music with Computers: Creative Programming in Python introduces important concepts and skills necessary to generate music with computers.

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A brief description of jMusic and its objectives.

jMusic News


Getting and installing jMusic.

Established in 1998, jMusic continues to be used by individuals and institutions the world over to make music compositions and applications.

Other music books by jMusic co-creator Andrew R.Brown.
Music Technology and Education: Amplifying Musicality
Clearly describes aspects of digital music production including recording, synthesis, algorithmic composition, and interactive music.

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Sound Musicianship: Understanding the Crafts of Music
A collection of essays for musicians and educators about musicianship.

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A step by step guide to composition with jMusic.


An online java-doc overview of the classes and methods.


The latest developments and activities in the jMusic community.


Examples of works composed with jMusic.


See some of the programs written using jMusic.


Audio instrument classes to use and share.


Places and projects using jMusic for learning music.


jMusic is an open source project, get involved in making it better.

Digital Instruments
A site dedicated to building musical instruments with jMusic.

Book References

Books to help and inspire you on your computer music journey.


People and places doing interesting computer music activities.


Let us know what you are doing with jMusic, and make comments about it.

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