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Classes for use when rendering jMusic scores to audio files.
There are Instruments here to download. When you have created your own jMusic instruments send them to us and we'll add them here.


AddSynthInst - Creates a timbre from stacked sine waves.

AMInst - One sine wave amplitude modulating another.

AMNoiseInst - Sine wave amplitude modulated by fractal noise.

BreathyFluteInst - A combination of sine waves and noise.

ChiffInst - Notes have short noise bursts with ambient noise in sustained sections. - A triangle wave with an HPF constantly swept by a sine wave LFO

DynamicFilterInst - A sawtooth wave with a LPF controlled by the note's dynamic value.

GranularInst - An granular synthesis instrument for redering from .au files.

HarmonicsInst - Uses additive synthesis of sine waves in the harmonic series.

LFOFilteredSquareInst - A chorused square wave with a LPF controlled by an LFO. - In this instrument the filter cutoff is controlled by an envelope.

NoiseInst - A white noise generator.

OvertoneInst - Uses few sine waves at specified ratios above the fundamental.

PluckInst - A filtered noise instrument that simulates a plucked string.

PrintSineInst - This does not make a noise, instead it print sine wave samples to the standard output.

PulseFifthsInst - Two pulse waves a perfect fith apart.

PulseWaveInst - A pulse wave generator, pulse width set to 15%.

ResSawInst - A resonant low pass filter with LFO swweping a sawtooth wave.

RingModulationInst - Direct amplitude modulation of two sine waves.

SabersawInst - An exponential sawtooth oscillator instrument.

SabersawInstRT - AA real-time version of SabersawInst.

SawtoothInst - A sawtooth waveform oscillator.

SawHPFInst - A sawtooth wave with a static high pass filter.

SawLPFInst - A monophonic sawtooth wave with a static low pass filter.

Sawtooth_LPF_Env_Inst - A basic subtractive synthesis instrument with cutoff and envelope arguments.

SimpleFMInst - A two operator FM synthesis instrument.

SimpleSampleInst - Enables any .au file to be used as a source.

SimpleSineInst - Generates simple sine waves in mono with no volume or pan response.

SineInst - Generates a stereo sine wave that responds to dynamics and panning.

SineInstRT - A real-time version of the SineInst.

SlowSineInst - A sine wave with a tringular envelope; slow attack and release.

SquareInst - A square wave oscillator instrument.

SquareInstRT - A real-time version of SquareInst.

SquareBackwardsInst - A square wave with a slow attack and fast release.

SquareLPFInst - A square wave with a low pass filter.

SubtractiveSampleInst - An instrument that will filter and envelope any sample.

SubtractiveSynthInst - A multiple oscillator instrument with low pass filter and sub osc.

SuperSawInst - Seven sawtooth waves slightly detuned for a chorused sound.

TremoloInst - Low frequency amplitude modulation.

TriangleInst - Generates a raw tiangle waveform.

TimpaniInst - A kettle drum sound created via additive synthesis.

VaryDecaySineInst - A simple sine wave whose envelope is randomly varied on each construction.

VibesInst - A mallet-like sound using additive synthesis.

VibratoInst - Low Frequency modulation


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