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Uses of jMusic for learning music and programming:

Institution Country Activity
Queensland University of Technology Australia
jMusic is used at QUT to teach composition and signal processing concepts to undergraduate and graduate students.
Sydney Conservatorium of Music Australia
Undergraduate composition students use jMusic for algorithmic and electroacoustic music studies.
The University of Natal South Africa
Honours studnents in the music program use jMusic for projects.
The University of Queensland Australia
Undergraduate courses in Information Environments  are teaching jMusic as the music and sound engine for data structure education.
Peabody Conservatory USA
The computer music department at Pabody Conservatory are using jMusic as a basis for its program.
University of São Paulo
Use in a computer science project on Mobile Musical Agents based on Java.
Georgia Tech; College of Computing
Teaching an intro to Java and data structures course using jMusic.
Keio University, Faculty of Environmental Education Japan
Used in computer music classes taught by Toru Iwatake.

Research Projects


Bob Keller and his students at Harvey Mudd College have designed a automated jazz improvising software system that generates solos, not unlike those in the Band In A Box program. Check it out.

Real-time conductor

Christopher Todd at Glasgow Caledonian University is using Jmusic to develop a real time Conductor software, which can change the tempo of a backing track dependent on the amount of key hits on a keyboard.

GA Melodies

The aesthetic selection of melodies created using genetic algorithms. Research of Mr. Lo Man Yat at The University of Essex, UK. Here is the site.

Harmonisation of Bach Chorales

Martin Elmer Jørgensen and Søren Tjagvad Madsen used jMusic in thier research work on the use of Neural Networks for that harmonisation of Bach chorales.

They also used it for the SimFinder (Similarity Finder) system as part of their Master of Computer Science thesis work.

Online Music Tools

This research program seeks to make algorithmic music processes accessible over the web. Applets written with jMusic provide composition, analysis, and entertainment tools online. Target audiences include music students and amateur musicians. This project is supported by the QUT Creative Industries Faculty.


This project in Italy developed a MIDI to XML process using jMusic.


Rene Wooller is developing an application for live elctronic music. This was originally based on MIDI data sent to samplers and synthesizers, but is now incororating its own audio engine.


Tim Opie is working on a real time granular synthesis instrument in jMusic. he will be performing it at the REV festival in Brisbane, Australia in April 2002.


Joel Joslin has a project to develop a virtual model of the classic analogue synthesizer, the Roland Jupiter 8. This software synthesizer is controllable in real time via MIDI or used as a jMusic instrument for rendering scores.


The Algorithmic Musical Interactive Space, is what Derryn McMaster calls his real-time music system controlled by data-glove gestures. Powered by jMusic of course :)

The Sound of Encription

A project that embedded messages within MIDI files, and used jMusic to do it. Read the report.

If you are using jMusic in education let us know and we'll add your activity to this page.

jMusic is supported by the following organisations:

QUT, Brisbane, Australia