The jam2jam av software allows people to play music and do video remixing together, locally or over the internet. The system is fun and can enhance learning and social interaction. Jam2jam enables interactive creative activities based on collaborative and generative digital technologies. Jam2jam av enables real-time creative interaction by novice users such as children and people without formal music training. Jam2jam systems are designed to connect over the internet for collaborative jamming.

jam2jam av

Digital media play an increasing role in the creative arts, and Exploding Art is well established in developing interactive software solutions for the digital arts. We produce our own applications and develop custom interactive digital media systems.

Jam2jam Gray is an application which generates music that you can control while it plays. Even better, you can connect via a network with your friends who have jam2jam to jointly control the music. Jam just like a band, but without the need for complex instrumental skills. It was designed to promote meaningful music making with computers for musicians of all ages. The key to success is to take risks, be creative and listen to the sounds that your actions make. This version runs using Java and so will run on Mac, Windows and Linux computers.

jam2jam gray

Jam2jam xo software turns the OLPC XO laptop into a musical instrument. With Jam2jam XO, players can create and perform music and present images either on their own or synchronised with others, over the mesh network. In a Jam2Jam XO band each user plays a different part, either bass, drums, guitar, or keyboards. Jam2jam can be used on one machine as a solo performance, or the activity could be shared so that up to 4 XOs can play together as a laptop band. An XO band can be expanded by adding a singer, guitarist or other musicians.

jam2jam xo

Exploding Art developed the software for the Welcome Wall for the Kuril Dhagun centre at the State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. This custom software solution allows curators to assemble images, movies and music which from which a continuos dynamic presentation is generated in real time.

SLQ Welcome Wall

Exploding Art developed the software for the Strait Home exhibition that ran at the State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia from July 1 to 23 October 2011 This custom software solution synchronised the real-time display of images, movies and music across five networked computers running five projected displays and an eight channel audio sound scape. The exhibition used digitised media from the libraries' archives of Australian Indigenous culture from the Torres Strait Islands situated at the top of Australia.

Strait HOME exhibition