Network jamming with jam2jam makes improvising with music and video images easy and fun. Connect jam2jam systems over a network to create an audio visual performance ensemble. Capture your performances and share them online.

The jam2jam software allows people to play music and do video remixing together locally or over the internet. The system is fun and can enhance learning and social interaction. Jam2jam enables interactive creative activities based on collaborative and generative digital technologies. It is powered by new generative media algorithms developed by ACID and incorporates innovative user experience design to assist engagement and learning. Jam2jam enables real-time creative interaction by novice users such as children and people without formal music training. Jam2jam systems are designed to connect over the internet for collaborative jamming.

The jam2jam interface features instrument and video icons on a 2D control surface. Dragging the icons around changes values on two musical or visual parameters. Buttons around the edge of the surface select which audio and visual parameters are active at any time. Corner buttons activate play, record, review and share functions.

Jam2jam is designed for collaboration. Connect jam2jam systems together to form a band where everyone controls each others parameters. Jam2jam systems can be connected over a local network for jamming in one location or you can connect over the internet for remote jamming; all in real-time. Because of the smart generative technologies you can network jam without issues of signal delay or overloading network bandwidth.


About jam2jam AV

jam2jam AV turns an Apple Mac computer into a network jamming system. With jam2jam AV you can perform just like a DJ and VJ.

Inputs and Outputs of jam2jam AV