This project, undertaken in conjunction with John Ferguson, includes a series of interactive installations that explores interactions between and with sonic sculptural agents. These electronic musical ‘agents’ are bespoke handmade electronic instruments that comprise artificial listening and sound generating capabilities. They listen to the sonic environment around them (including other machine and human performers) and respond is ways programmed by the designers. This installation features an ensemble of Sonic Agents and some acoustic percussion instruments for people to play. All agents, human and machine, have the capability for sonic feedback between one another, thus enabling the interactive exploration of orchestrated human-machine ensembles. This work explores the boundaries of interactive creative practices and helps us better understand musical agency and interaction in general as we attempt to imbue our devices with these capabilities and stimulate them in human participants.

The first public presentation of this project was with ‘raw’ devices exhibited on table tops at the World Science Festival Brisbane in March 2017.

Sculptural Sonic Agents