The capturing and manual editing of media in digital form has been a revolution for creative artists and the industries that surround them. Look no further than music and video distribution and user-generated content for evidence of this. We are on the edge of a new revolution in digital creativity, this time driven by harnessing the computational power of computers to participate more integrally in the creative process through semi-automatic analysis and generation of digital works. This presentation will outline some of the ways this new revolution is unfolding, in particular looking at three aspects of computational arts; the support of human creativity, algorithmic aesthetics, and the modelling of creative processes.

I was invited to give a keynote address at the CreateWorld 2010 conference and presented this idea. A podcast interview after the keynote can be heard here.

I also presented this concept at a seminar in July 2011 as it relates to assisting people with limited musical ability to engage with music making with computational-agents as musical partners for well-being purposes. A video of that presentation is embedded below.

Digital Creativity: Representation to Agency