Your music learning diary. Sound Reflections is a student reflective journal and diary with attitude. It encourages thinking about all music-related activity in the classroom, instrumental studio and ensemble, providing a powerful tool for assessment of progress and thinking. Sound Reflections provides space for thoughtful writing and criticism of all musical activity. With questions and check-lists, Sound Reflections provides a method of reflective thinking which will become a habit for the young critical music student.


Sound Reflections

This book provides tips and tools for understanding and reflecting upon popular music. Sound Thinking provides techniques and approaches to critically listen, think, talk and write about music you hear or make. It provides tips on making music and it encourages regular and deep thinking about music activities, which helps build a musical dialog that leads to deeper understanding.

Sound Thinking

Computers in Music Education: Amplifying Musicality addresses the question of how computer technologies might best assist music education. Written for current and pre-service music teachers and designed as a development tool, reference resource, and basic teaching text, it addresses pedagogical issues and the use of computers to aid production and presentation of students’ musical works. This book aims to show the many ways in which computers can help amplify musicality.

Computers in Music Education

Music, Meaning and Transformation: Meaningful music making for life, examines the musical experiences that students find meaningful and the ways in which teachers, parents and community music leaders might provide access to meaningful music education. This is particularly relevant today because school music often fails to provide sustainable access to music making for life, health and wellbeing beyond school. This book seeks to reframe the focus of music education within a pragmatist philosophy and provide a framework that is culturally and chronologically inclusive.

Music, Meaning & Transformation

Reading and Writing Rock is an introduction to music theory relevant to popular music. This is a complete guide to the basics of rock that will show you, step-by-step, the theory behind it. Hands-on activities guide you through an exciting range of rock music styles and instruments, including the guitar, keyboards and drums.

Reading and Writing Rock

Carrying on from where Reading and Writing Rock left off, Rock Music Essentials uses rock to teach music theory along with the song-writing process, including composing songs with lyrics, drums, bass line, chord chart and keyboard notation. Also available is a CD of musical examples to amplify the points made in the text.

Rock Essentials

Exploding Art produces both accessible guides and academic texts. We have a particular focus on music education and try to encourage experiential learning with active feedback and reflection. Some of our books are also available as eBooks.

Sound Musicianship is a book for music educators and musicians about musicianship—about musical skills, abilities, habits, sensibilities and understandings. Musicianship is explored as a form of craftsmanship. Like most crafts, music requires a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that contribute to a highly tuned ability to appreciate and express music. In particular, the book explores general trends that influence musicianship in the twenty-first century. Edited by Andrew R. Brown it contains 30 chapters by internationally leading music scholars and educators. This book is available as an eBook on the Apple iBookstore and, in the USA, on the Kindle. A hard back edition is available on

Sound Musicianship:

Understanding the crafts of music