About SoundCipher
SoundCipher provides an easy way to create music in the Processing development environment. With the SoundCipher library added to Processing you can write software programs that make music to go along with your graphics and you can add sounds to enhance your Processing animations or games.

SoundCipher provides an easy interface for playing 'notes' on the JavaSound synthesizer, for playback of audio files, and communicating via MIDI. It provides accurate scheduling and allows events to be organised in musical time; using beats and tempo. It uses a 'score' metaphor that allows the construction of simple or complex musical arrangements. SoundCipher is designed to facilitate the basics of algorithmic music and interactive sound design as well as providing a platform for sophisticated computational music, it allows integration with the Minim library when more sophisticated audio and synthesis functionality is required and integration with the oscP5 library for communicating via open sound control.

Like most of the Processing ecosystem, SoundCipher is a free, open source project released under the GNU GPL license.

About this site
This site includes links to download the SoundCipher software, a range of tutorials that illustrate some ways of using SoundCipher, the JavaDoc reference that provides a complete documentation of all SoundCipher functions, and a news page with announcements and commentary relevant to the SoundCipher community.

Content on this site is provided under a Creative Commons license - Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike.
Sound Musicianship eBook
The developer of SoundCipher is also the editor of Sound Musicianship: Understanding the Crafts of Music. An eBook version is available from Amazon and the iBook Store. Sound Musicianship Cover