jam2jam Gray is an application which generates music that you can control while it plays. Even better, you can connect via a network with your friends who have jam2jam to jointly control the music. Jam just like a band, but without the need for complex instrumental skills.

Jam2jam Gray was designed to promote meaningful music making with computers for musicians of all ages. The basic philosophy is to experiment and listen to the sounds you make and participate in making great grooves either on your own or with others. The key to success is to take risks, be creative and listen to the sounds that your actions make. We hope you enjoy playing with it as much as we did making it.


About jam2jam gray

Jam2jam Gray is internet-enabled music jamming software. Use it to jam solo or with your friends over a computer network in the same room or across the world.

Java needs to be installed to run. On Windows computers install the Java JDK (not the default JRE) as it includes the required Soundfont.