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The tutorials cover topics including music software design, audio
synthesis, digital signal processing, compositional systems,
and computer programming concepts.

They draw upon the design and pedagogical skills of digital
instrument makers from Australian Universities, with advice from
experienced music software developers.

We hope that you find them useful if you are a musician or
software programmer interested in making music software and,
as a freely available resource, this site will provide support for
enthusiasts and professionals in Australia and around the world.

The tutorials on this site focus on software development using the
jMusic software toolkit, an open-source software library in
the Java language. In the future this site may hold parallel tutorials
in other software development environments, such as Max/MSP.

Digital musical instruments make sounds by
generating streams of audio.
In this section we look at how digital
audio is created and controlled.
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The Musical Instrument Digital Interface protocol
is wide spread and in this section we examine how
to read and write MIDI data and discuss basic issues
of sending a receiving musical events, as opposed to
audio streams. 
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Musical Algorithms
  Interface Creating your music within the digital domain
requires it to be described by musical recipes,
or algorithms. This section looks at how to create
these algorithms, and at some common algorithmic
techniques used by musicians.  
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