This page features compositions and arrangements to support music learning. Many of the resources contain historical and musicological materials about the musical styles involved and backing tracks to play along with.

Retro Rock is an educational resource of 10 play-along songs for upper primary and junior secondary music. There is a CD,  scores (untuned and 4-part tuned for C, Bb, & Eb), and teacher’s information booklet with style histories and photos. The styles are less mainstream rock music styles, like Ska, Hip Hop, Art Rock and so on which means that Retro Rock complements existing rock music resources rather than competing with them. The performance parts range in difficulty from novice to lower intermediate band levels, and because there are also untuned percussion parts it can be used with mixed ability groups such as classroom music ensembles.

Retro Rock

Pop Percussion is an introduction to 10 styles of popular music from the 50s to the 80s: rhythm and blues, rock 'n roll, soul, 60s pop, folk rock, country rock, heavy metal, reggae, funk, synth (synthesizer) pop. It includes charts for tuned and untuned percussion instruments along with historical and musicological notes about the styles. A backing track is provided for each song to make playing along easy and fun.

Tracks available from Peter Leyden publishing.

Pop Percussion

Hologram is a composition for synthesizer and audio backing by Andrew R. Brown and Kevin Purcell. Included in the package is the score as a pdf file, audio backing and full audio tracks as mp3 files, and program notes as a pdf file. The piece is in a soft rock style.


New Space Suite is a five-part musical composition for synthesizer and piano, written by Andrew R. Brown. Included are pdf files of the scores and mp3 files of an example performance by the composer. This work is an expressive tonal work.

New Space Suite